F.LLI RUGGERI was founded in 1975 to meet the first requests of the Italian hydraulic industry. It soon developed in such a way as to offer to all the industrial sectors its experience, methodology and efficiency, acquired with the production of highly qualified articles.
Availing itself of modern management and production techniques, F.LLI RUGGERI is now a European level company.

All the production equipment has been designed in order to realize small, medium and large series of rubber technical articles, of which the fundamental features are: QUALITY - PRECISION - DURABILITY.
In order to meet the innumerable requirements of all the industrial sectors, either for the shape, material than thequantity, an extremely flexible and differentiated productive structure has been set up.

F.LLI RUGGERI uses the most advanced moulding technologies.
INJECTION - COMPRESSION - TRANSFER have been developed with the use of always more modern and automated equipment.
The injection moulding is always executed under vacuum. For this system completely automatic horizontal and vertical presses are used, permitting with or without metal inserts, under the most stringent conditions.

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